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About PAO Horticultural

Thanks to your support, we are pleased to announce that we are now approaching 30 successful years in the nursery and brokerage business. With this ongoing success, we continue to adapt our business to meet the changing needs and demands of our customers and the industry as a whole.

We continue to criss-cross the continent as we strive to locate, aquire, and showcase the very best that North American nurseries have to offer. Keeping in mind that many plants are nurtured over many years, locating and procuring the rare and unusual is a continual challenge and the cornerstone of PAO's success. It bring us great satisfaction in making these different, unusual, and magnificent plant specimens available to you.

Our Objective

Our yard has been built to provide you with excellent access to our entire selection of fine specimen plants throughout every season. For best plant health, we have invested in several layers of deep, rich black wook mulch, which hold our wire basket inventory in an ideal fertilized and watered state. This not only maintains the plants, but also promotes growth throughout the season.

The main roads have been paved, and our holding areas are gravelled. Our paths are surfaced with dry, clean wood chips to provide you with a good walking or ATV riding surface, from which you can explore our extensive inventory.

PAO Horticultural