An interactive designer who loves challenge and exploring the newest trends in emerging technology.

Since childhood I have been fascinated with drawing, painting and animation. Along with my passion for the visual arts, I had a mind for technology and loved computers. During high school years I spent the majority of my leisure time playing Wing Commander 2 and experimenting with live-painting and 3d rendering. It was at this time I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop 3.0 and quickly realized that a career in design was my future.

In 2002, I graduated from the Editorial Graphic Design program at Ontario College of Art and Design. There I learned about traditional graphic design: typography, color, layout and design theory.

I created my first website in late 2003. HTML tables with nested CSS was mind boggling at the time, but I loved the prcoess of taking a static design and making it 'live' online.

One of the first major lessons learned was that design is more about solving problems than anything else. My main attraction to the field is simply that every customer's project requires a unique, creative solution.

By working with many clients in various industries and sectors over the last 10 years, I've expanded and refined my skills and continue to learn every day.